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Understanding the legal details and requirements of the state of West Virginia for any given family law case requires support and advice from an experienced family law matters attorney. Although family law matters can be emotionally strenuous and stressfully time-consuming, we hope you will feel relieved to know that the best attorney for family law is available to you for services in Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas.

If you or an acquaintance requires an attorney for family law for any number of reasons, contact us at our Charleston, WV location today. Perhaps you are experiencing problems with the process of divorce, attempting to settle child custody, or debating guardianship. Since family lawyers handle all legal cases that have to do with family members, the situations that arise can be diverse. Even if you are unsure whether your case falls under the category of family law, it's advisable to reach out for a consultation and find out what a family law firm can do to assist you.

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Currently, Scott Elswick is in a special position as a family law attorney, because he has a background as the Family Court Judge for the 10th Family Court of West Virginia. Today, with the same aim he has always had of serving the community of Charleston, WV in legal courts, he uses this perspective and background as an advantage to give the best possible support as a family lawyer. There is no better reason to trust that the Law Office of Scott E. Elswick in Charleston, WV. We have the best knowledge of how the family court works.

The West Virginia Family Courts handle various types of cases relating to family matters. Whether you seek annulment or divorce, have paternity claims, seek civil justice for domestic violence, or have another Family Law-related case, the Law Office of Scott E. Elswick is an invaluable resource to you at this time. It will save you peace of mind during the family court process to have the expert support of our firm. The family court process includes all of the preparation required to develop a strategy before opening a case and much more. Developing a strategy to appear with a strong well-documented case is imperative to the success of your claims. After opening a family law case, there are many possible steps, our Charleston family law firm will be there at every single one.

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This includes any necessary discovery. Discovery is the period when both sides gather information from each other to help build their respective cases. During a Family Law-related case, tension or emotions and stress may be very high whenever each party member must interact with one another. An attorney for family matters is an objective third party who is able to investigate and gather as much pertinent information as possible without stirring as many emotions. This is ideal in any situation where you might want to give yourself space and comfort.

At hearings in the West Virginia Family Courts, party members are expected to present evidence and arguments to a judge who will decide the next course of action. Oftentimes there are multiple hearings and the case, especially if highly contentious, may last much longer than hoped for. An attorney for family law can ensure maximum efficiency in providing a strong argument so that you can get the outcome you deserve in a more timely manner.

Overall, there is much more that can be accomplished with professional support as opposed to representing yourself in a court of law. We urge you to take full advantage of the expertise in family law available to you at the Law Office of Scott Elswick. Contact us today for a consultation!

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