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Domestic Violence

Whenever there is an act of violence, it is vital to seek the legal guidance of a domestic violence lawyer in addition to protection. A domestic violence lawyer can make certain that you and your loved ones are protected against physical violence, threats, harassment, or abuse.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer Charleston WV

Domestic violence, which is also called intimate partner violence, is what happens when a person uses force to control their partner. It is a hurtful and disrespectful pattern of behavior that is used to establish dominance, power, and control. Unfortunately, those who suffer domestic violence can find it hard to escape the situation in which that violence occurs. Sometimes it is because the abusive partner aggressively limits their means of escape; in other cases, the partner who receives the abuse might be too afraid to leave; in yet other cases, the abusive partner might threaten the children or other loved ones of their partner.

While it can be difficult to escape the grasp of an abusive partner, it is not impossible. The police can offer help whether the victim is in immediate danger or not. There are also hotlines they can call that can offer advice on how to get away from an abusive partner. And family lawyers can use the law to keep the victim away from their abuser. Scott E. Elswick is a family lawyer who knows how important it is for a victim to get away from their abuser and will use his decades of experience to protect domestic abuse victims from their abusers. Whether it is filing a restraining order, a protection order, or a lawsuit, he will do everything he possibly can to help victims of domestic abuse. So if you are in such a situation and need legal help, then contact the Law Office of Scott E. Elswick as soon as it is safe to do so, and he will give you the help that you need.

The Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that is meant to give one partner control over the other. This abuse can take many forms besides just the physical kind. The following are some of the most common types of abuse used by a domineering partner against the other:

Physical Abuse – This is the most common type of domestic abuse and involves one partner physically hurting the other. This can include one partner hitting, slapping, shoving, biting, choking, or burning the other partner.

Sexual Abuse – When a partner engages in sexual conduct without the other partner’s consent, it is abuse. This can be anything from rape to unwanted and unsolicited groping or fondling.

Emotional Abuse – This is when an abuser demeans their partner in order to diminish their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It is usually done to make the partner feel hopeless and alone so that they never consider leaving. This can involve making demeaning statements about the victim, calling them hurtful names, constantly criticizing them, and cutting off their relationships with friends and family.

Psychological Abuse – This is when the abuser threatens or intimidates their partner in order to maintain control over them. The abuser might threaten to harm their partner or their children, or they can even threaten to kill or harm themselves if the victim tries to leave them. They might also try to gaslight their partner to make it seem like something is wrong with them and not their abuser.

Economic Abuse – This is when the abuser cuts off all the financial resources of their partner. The abuser will take control of resources like credit cards and will prohibit their partner from being able to get a job or earn money in any way.

There are other kinds of abuse such as both physical stalking and cyberstalking, where the abuser constantly monitors the movements and actions of their partner. The main difference with this kind of abuse is that the victim may be unaware that it is happening.

How A Family Lawyer Can Help Domestic Abuse Victims

A family lawyer can help victims of domestic abuse by filing orders that keep the abuser away from their victim. The kinds of orders that can be filed include the following:

Protection Orders – These help to protect the victim in a variety of different ways, such as forbidding contact between the abuser and their partner, making sure that the abuser keeps a certain distance from their partner, ordering the abuser to move out of the home, making the abuser hand over any firearms and preventing them from getting new ones, making the abuser attend counseling, and more.

Restraining Orders – These are similar to protection orders since they also involve restricting certain actions and movements of the abuser towards their victim.

If the abuser violates a protection or restraining order, then they could potentially be arrested or held in contempt of court.

Filing A Domestic Violence Lawsuit

Another recourse for victims of domestic violence is filing a lawsuit against their abuser, but they will need an experienced family lawyer to help them do so. It should be noted that even if the abuser is facing criminal charges that they can still be sued in civil court. The criminal case is to punish their illegal behavior while the purpose of a civil case is to restore any damages or losses caused by the abuser.

Those damages include lost wages if the abuser prevented their partner from making a living, medical expenses for any injuries the abuser inflicted upon their partner or the pain and suffering caused by the abuse. A lawsuit can be expensive, but in domestic abuse cases, the courts can make the abuser pay for the legal expenses, so legal fees should not be a worry if a domestic abuse victim wants to file a lawsuit against their abuser.

Contact Scott E. Elswick If You Are A Victim of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is a difficult and sensitive topic and if you need legal help, then you should contact an attorney who will give you the respect and urgency you need. Scott E. Elswick is a family lawyer who has been helping victims of domestic violence for over two decades, so he understands and appreciates the gravity of the situation.

He will help victims of domestic violence file protection or restraining orders against their abusers. If the victim wants to file a lawsuit against their abuser, then he will help them with that as well. The Law Office of Scott. Elswick is firmly dedicated to helping domestic abuse victims in Charleston, WV so contact him as soon as you are able to get the legal help you need.

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